It is vital to choose the right telephone system for your business, if you are a business owner, you should know about the battle between PBX and PABX installations. However, here in this blog, we will discuss everything about both solutions and help you decide better and make your business successful.

Business can get clear and effective communication that ensure the great performance of the employees. They can operate more effectively and quickly and serve all the customers seamlessly. That’s why businesses should find a setup that works effectively for them.

If you’re a business owner and plan to opt for a PABX system, then it’s essential to find an affordable service that doesn’t hurt the efficiency of your business and helps you run the existing operations easily.

Getting under the hood and understanding the key differences between the available systems, as well as their specific features, is the first step to making an informed decision.

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What is PABX?

Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) fundamentally provides a simple yet effective telephone exchange solution for your business purposes. Regardless of connecting multiple landlines to the public network, PABX allows your business to build from the same telephone number while connecting internally. From this, future growth becomes achievable and boasts cost-effectively.

A business typically owns and operates its own system, with regular maintenance, repairs, and upgrades being performed by the owners. For this, they need to contact a professional company that offers good Desktop maintenance services in Dubai.

Furthermore, PABX offers a complex web of multiple network connections with a high possibility to grow and make the business successful. Due to this, the system can handle a large number of incoming and outgoing calls, and it can handle an even higher number with additional hardware. Commonly, dealing with customers on call is a routine task of every business. It comes under the customer service category.

How does PABX work?

PABX installations got you covered in terms of many effective solutions. It acts as a private, internal phone network that comprises modems, hubs, adapters, routers, telephone handsets, and fax machines.

With PABX you can deal effectively with internal calls without connecting with an external public network.

  1. In order to reach an extension, the caller dials a specific extension number.
  2. Businesses can get interactive voice response that record messages effectively and interprets the caller’s dialed or spoken responses. Not only this, but it also navigates them with a high response rate.

Besides that, Employees across handsets and extensions share trunk lines for incoming calls to the public network. High call rates can cause problems in this situation.

PABX vs PBX — What are the differences?

In the early days, businesses need a system to run all the operations smoothly and connect with the customers through calls. But the point is, these advanced systems need human operators due to many obvious reasons.

The main difference between the Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) definition and the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is the former simply automates the transfer of calls and connections.

On the other hand, a PABX system can cover this independently, build on the pre-programmed instructions, and offers more interactive voice response, (IVR). That’s why companies focused on PABX installations.

As a result, callers are able to find the desired telephone extension more quickly, resulting in more efficient communication and reduced switchboard costs.

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What are the Benefits of using PABX to manage your Business Phone Network?

Enterprise communication is all about efficiency and ease. No business wants their agents to spend time on complex systems or completing complex administration before doing their job.

Take a look at below benefits of PABX to your business

Benefit # 1

Highly Cost Effective

Switchboard staff no longer have to manually direct calls with an automated switching system. As a result, you can save your precious time and money as well and ensure that callers are not waiting too much to come to your business.

Benefit # 2

Better Customer Service

Providing good customer service is not a piece of cake, a business has to ensure so many things to make the customer satisfied and provide enhanced customer service. With PABX, a business can make sure that all the calls reach the right person at the right time. As a result, customer satisfaction scores are directly affected by the quality of service provided to customers. Customer satisfaction is your north star, so you need a well-routed call system.

Benefit # 3

Improved reliability

Businesses can reduce the risk of downtime with great systems. At the server end and the time-saving system, maintenance increases reliability and makes the customer happy. This directly creates a connection between business and customers and offers more effective solutions.

Benefit # 4


Systems based on the cloud can be scalable at the click of a button. Shared contact lists are updated just as quickly if extensions are added within the software. However, for this, you may need the support of IT support companies in UAE, they are committed to providing you with advanced services.

Benefit # 5

Cost Efficiencies

The cloud-based services work excellently to pay for the call volume and agents’ licenses. Your communications can no longer be future-proofed by absorbing additional capacity costs.

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What are the Key Features to look for in a PABX SYSTEM?

If you are a business owner, what are the key features to look for in a PABX SYSTEM? Don’t worry, we have gathered some essential points that will help you

  1. Call Transfer

A call can be transferred to a colleague or escalated to a manager easier this way.

  1. Automatic Ringback

A PABX provides a simple way for the callers to hang up and receive back in the busy line. PABX makes the lines free. 

  1. Auto Attendant

Using an auto-attendant, callers can be guided directly to relevant extension numbers without having to speak to a receptionist

  1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

It helps direct callers and makes it easy to solve their queries by itself in multiple cases. It saves staff time by answering common questions with prerecorded messages. As a result, businesses can provide more advanced customer service.

  1. Automatic Call Recording 

 With automatic call recording, businesses can ensure great conversations with the help of training, quality monitoring, or compliance. It’s one of the great features. 

  1. Voicemail

Voicemail is a straightforward function that offers to record messages in a specific mailbox. It is possible to take advantage of automated email transcription features, like voicemail to email, with cloud-based systems, which can assist your staff with responding to voicemails more quickly.

  1. Call Conferencing

Connect with numerous callers at one time and finds it easy to operate more effectively.

  1. Do Not Disturb

Blocks incoming calls to a specific extension by turning it ‘offline’. It is also possible to route them to voicemail if you prefer.

  1. Call Groups

Multiple extension numbers can be grouped so that when a specific number is called, those handsets will ring together. The call can be answered by whoever is available on your sales or service team. However, for this concern, businesses need to contact the best-managed network security solutions. 

Wrap Up 

We hope that we have covered everything related to PABX and PBX. To sum up, we must say that PABX installation is recommended to every business due to many beneficial reasons. You can provide better customer service with having PABX and solve the queries immediately. However, if you are still confused, you can contact the professionals, they will guide you and make you clear in your vision. 

We hope this information is helpful to you and you can decide better option now. Thank you 

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