Complete Guide for Laundry App Development: Must-have Features

In the running time, everyone loves to look good and invests 60-70% money in their looks. They need neat and clean clothes daily but it is quite difficult to wash clothes daily in their busy lifestyles or schedules. 

But thanks to an on-demand laundry app that gives a superb facility you can order laundry at any time or anywhere you just need to click a few taps on your smartphone and the except thing delivers to your doorstep.

The market of laundry services is growing dramatically increasing day by day so if you have any plan to create a laundry app for your android or iOS platform for on-site laundry business then it is the right time to head into it.  You need a perfect business partner or on-demand laundry app development company that can serve classy service to you for your project.

Before starting the creation of the laundry app, we should know some essential points like checking their market stats, what can be development costs, benefits, and key features.


Well, the market laundry business is at its boom and millions of people use the app on a daily basis to clean their dirty clothes or iron them.

According to the business report for 2020, the market was around $3.2 million and continuously rising, expecting it will reach $8.1 million in the year 2025.

The growth rate is around 5.5% annually & people are generating a good amount after providing laundry services online.


Many people want to develop their own mobile apps but they are confused about what can cost if they start developing laundry apps, they generally search on google about the development cost but we want to say all of them no one tells the exact price because laundry app development cost depends on several factors like latest technologies, platform iOS or Android, team size, advance features or difficulties. To make it clear in your mind about the cost we divide it into three parts.

  • Simple features laundry app
  • Some advanced features app
  • Fully advanced features app
  • Simple features laundry app

Cost depends on features so if you want to develop an app with basic features like a registration process, search options, add an address, or basic details then it will take around 150-180 hours and development costs come to around $6-13k.

  • Some advanced features app

If you want to develop a laundry app with some advanced features like real-time tracking, chat options, and fast delivery then it will take around 180-230 hours and development costs come to around $12-20k.

  • Fully advanced features app

If you want to create a laundry delivery app with fully advanced features like multiple payment options, real-time navigation, and push notifications then it will take around 230-300 hours and development costs come to around $20-30k.

Here we are discussing the Indian mobile app development companies and their developers according to the development cost of laundry apps like this. They generally charge around $10-70 per hour. 


Generally, people use to go laundry shops to wash their dirty clothes but sometimes they do not find ironmen in their place, and most of the time they find washermen do not complete their dress so it makes them unhappy because they want to go to parties or somewhere else with their favorite dress.

Now the time has changed. We have an on-demand laundry app service and they provide excellent benefits to their users. 

  • Using the laundry app you can place an order from anywhere or anytime
  • You can trace the live location of your order and also check the status of whether it is ready or not.
  • You can chat with laundrymen through the app
  • You can schedule your date and time according to your convenient 
  • Here you save your money using cashback or rewards offers
  • If you feel the service is not up to the mark then you can raise a complaint in the app


In this section, we will discuss the important steps of laundry app development below one by one.

Step1– Market Research and Excellent Planning

We all know planning is important to make any business successful, without planning you can’t even sustain for a while in the competitive world. So do deep research and make an excellent plan before starting the creation.

Step2– Do Perfect Calculation On The Budget

It is totally worthless if you see a dream at night and walk up early in the morning and start working on your dream without planning or budget calculation. It will take you back to the same place where you started, so first make a plan and second do the proper calculations on a budget because you can not leave the project in the middle due to lack of money.

Step3– Develop, Testing, And Deploy

After perfect planning and calculation of the budget, we need to develop the laundry app with superb quality or features and for that, we need a mobile app development company with our help of them you can create a world-class mobile app for your laundry business. Once the development is complete you need to do testing and check if it has any bugs or not. After testing, we need to deploy it according to our target audience and their desired place like the google play store and apple play store.

Step-4 Marketing and promotions 

Marketing and promotions both are important pillars of your business. Without it, you can not go so long, once the deployment process completes you need to promote your app. It will help to generate good revenue from your laundry solutions.

Closing Words

The laundry business is in demand. People love to use it on a daily basis and in this blog, we mentioned key points like development cost, benefits, creation steps, and market stats of the laundry business. But before giving your hand in development you need to research the market and consult with an expert or experienced developer.

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