Dr. Joan Neehall is well on her mission to empower individuals to overcome setbacks with faith and optimism

Optimism is an essential trait to cultivate if you want to lead a life that is filled with joy and significance. However, it is far simpler to say than to really carry through. But when adversity strikes, whether it be in the form of a lost project, a missed chance for advancement, or a critique that is too critical, we often find ourselves engaging in the critical internal monologue or even sinking into a state of depression. You are being put to the test by the challenges. The worst thing that may happen is that they will postpone your success; nevertheless, the ability to solve problems is only one of the many abilities that go into being a successful entrepreneur.

Many times, a setback is an opportunity to increase your knowledge and view things in a new light, which may, in turn, result in the achievement of a goal you’d set for yourself sooner than if you were to continue down the original road. Your failure serves as the turning point that propels you to greater success in the future. If you make the decision to see this setback as a challenge that has to be overcome, you may try to find a method to get through it, under it, over it, or around it. This is one option available to you if you choose that approach. In the following paragraphs, we are going to get some insights into how Dr. Joan Neehall is well on her way to accomplishing her purpose of empowering people to overcome adversity with faith and optimism, as well as the role that optimism may play in your success.

Dr. Joan’s take on how to overcome setbacks with faith and optimism

You will face obstacles, but you should not let them deter you. Even in the worst-case situation, all they can do is slightly slow down your progress toward success. Dr. Joan Neehall has been working in the field of psychology professionally for over 35 years. She has committed her professional life to guide people through the process of enhancing the quality of their lives, and she has even written books on the topic. Because she is a clinical psychologist who focuses on forensic work, she has over three decades’ worth of experience that she is willing to offer. In her pursuit to understand what constitutes pleasure across different cultures, she has traveled to 83 countries and lived on six continents. She is the author of the book Happy Is the New Healthy, which is now number one on the New York Times bestseller list. In the book, she discusses the hurdles that one may face in life as well as strategies for overcoming such obstacles. In her book, she encourages readers to have faith in their skills to prevail over challenges, and by the conclusion of the text, she convinces them that they are capable of achieving a great deal of success in their lives.

Dr. Joan views every obstacle as an opportunity to learn something new and get a fresh point of view on the world around you. The end effect is that you will accomplish what you set out to do even faster than if you had followed your initial plan. Many times, she has emphasized the need to turn adversity into an opportunity for personal growth and to move ahead.

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