How Food at The Grocery Store Is Destroying Your Health Without You Knowing It

We rely on grocery stores more than ever before and most people trust them no matter what they offer. The food certainly looks good and is often designed to taste good too. And other than inconvenient farmer’s markets, where else can you get food? Even though there has been a lot of great information being made available on social media about the problems with the commercial food supply, we continue to buy it.

But how bad is the food from grocery stores really? And what other healthier alternatives are there?

The following are some of the ways grocery store goods can harm you without your knowledge.

Old and Unripe

The fruits and vegetables we buy at the grocery store in the produce section look fresh, but that is deceiving. Broccoli, squash, and tomatoes were usually picked very early and allowed to ripen during the time they spent in trucks traveling across the country. Many of the varieties grown by large commercial agribusiness are specifically grown because they look shiny and perfect on the outside. But on the inside, the food has no flavor or nutrition. 

Food Poisoning

It seems there is a new warning about salmonella every month. Grocery stores acquire foods from farms that you are unaware of and have no idea how they were cultivated. And there are numerous fake fruits and vegetables circulating in today’s globe that have been manufactured by inserting artificial nutrients. These meals neither benefit your health nor provide nutrients; in reality, you are wasting your money.


Pests are a major concern at the grocery shop, and it is not as clean as it appears at first glance. A grocery store has a lot of food out in the open, which attracts unwelcome mice, flies, cockroaches, and other nasty crawlers. Not to mention that mice and rats may easily make their way inside the grocery store and get into contact with the food you are consuming.


For Americans, it is the elephant in the room. Food from the big commercial farms has almost no nutrition in them anymore. Everyone needsvitamins and minerals; if you don’t eat enough vitamin C, you get scurvy, and if you don’t get enough calcium, your bones get brittle and crumble. This is a major problem as our population is becoming more and more diseased every day. See this revealing chart created by August Dunning’s below.

Where Can You Get High-Quality Food?

The solution is astonishingly simple. Homegrown food. When you grow your own food, you’ll havefood that is high in nutrients that are not available elsewhere.

Since you are the one growing it and taking care of it, you’ll know that it is clean and free from chemicals. 

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