The name kemistry fits her banging personality well

Being that she is outgoing, full of energy, the life of the party. Kemistry favorite lines to say “live life” and that’s exactly what she has been doing, Living life while doing what she loves. Kemistry has many talents for instance she’s a… Rapper, Author, and Actress oh! This wasn’t a easy walk in the park for her Kemistry had many stumbles along the way but she didn’t let that STOP ! her in fact it motivated her to push even harder and each time she got better at her skills she possessed. Moving on Kemistry has a Hot ! New song out that’s called Flipping It Dipping It.

Kemistry wrote this song for herself and all the Boss chicks that’s out there getting to the bag whether it’s from working a 9-5 job or being self employed there’s no right or wrong way to get a bag .

Caution only the go getting females will relate to her song GET MONEY !!!