Luxury Design Elements for a Midcentury Home

A midcentury home has a luxury interior design that includes earthy colors, clean lines, and graphic shapes. Understanding the history of midcentury home décor will help you create an effortless modern mix. Here are some luxury design elements for a midcentury home:

Midcentury Style Furniture

Rounded furniture is a midcentury design that merges luxury and comfort.

Classic midcentury homes paired carpet flooring with this furniture. To create a modern look, you can install tiles and pair them with a fabric-like rugs to balance easy maintenance and aesthetics. Although midcentury home designs originated decades ago, the movement has been kept alive by making several modern updates.

Midcentury modern furniture is simple and has sleek lines, focusing more on uncluttered spaces and functionality. Tables and chairs are usually simple and made of unique pieces of material, such as plastic, held up by metal or wooden pin-style legs.

Midcentury Colors

Homeowners can decorate their homes to reflect the midcentury by using kicky, kitschy bright hues. Natural woods, earthy browns, oranges, and greens also provide the sophistication of the 50s and 60s. If you don’t have an original midcentury house, you can incorporate the style into your modern home by making the color scheme the foundation starting point.

Consider moodier hues like rust, sage, and burnt orange for a midcentury living room. Use playful hues such as primary colors, turquoise, bright yellow, and sunny orange scattered about for other rooms. To avoid oversaturating the mix, use neutrals to keep each room grounded.

Curved Furnishings and Fixtures

The concept of wealthy living has evolved over the years, but in the past, it meant having the spaces feel comfortable as possible. That meant minimizing straight angles and hard edges. A curved look is instead preferred in the interior’s furnishings and fixtures, such as countertops, lights, and accessories such as candlestick holders and floor pillows.

These curved lines are seen in almost every midcentury modern home. Designers often balance out the appearance of structured geometries by decorating the walls using square art pieces. You can also use your floor tiles to achieve the same effect.

Midcentury Window Treatments

The hallmarks of midcentury homes include an emphasis on the outdoors and the use of natural elements like wood, stone, and natural textiles. The goal is to take advantage of all windows available to let light in. Buy window treatments, blinds, and drapes that can retract to bring in the view outside.

Midcentury home décor is more about using playful pops of print and color and clean straight lines. You can opt for neutral window treatment fabrications to create a modern look. They are symmetrical and have a simple design.

Don’t think all your decor has to be vintage. Instead, mix different elements to create a modern look.

Oversized Windows

In the past and, to some extent, the present, having large windows was and is a sign of wealth. Oversized windows showed that the homeowner had money to install large glass panes and lived in a better and safe neighborhood.

Even though times have changed, there still convincing reasons to have large windows in your mid-century style. Oversized windows bring a lot of eco-friendly illumination. All the natural light may positively affect your physical and mental health.

When selecting flooring if you have large windows, avoid polished tiles because they reflect light, causing indoor glare. Instead, choose matte surfaces or structured tiles, as they are less reflective.

Contradicting Textures and Materials

Wood and wood veneer are standard features of midcentury modern design homes. Present designers are also experimenting with new materials like Formica, acrylic, and plastic. You can combine synthetic and organic elements to achieve a modern midcentury style.

Those with expansive windows can choose interior colors that complement the view. Another ideal way of bringing nature into your home is using potted plants.

Hire the Best Luxury Interior Design Firm

Look for a luxury interior design firm that has established its name among residential owners and renowned developers for many years. Prioritize a firm specializing in luxury designs to help bring your vision to life.

Whether you are going for a custom luxury design, a high-end interior design, or a major renovation, there should be no limits to what they do. Make sure they have a reputation for exceeding the expectations of their clients.


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