Keynote speech

On 5G connected cars

by Mikael Fallgren

Mikael Fallgren is a senior researcher at Ericsson Research, Stockholm, Sweden. He has received a M.Sc. degree in engineering physics and a Ph.D. degree in applied and computational mathematics from KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm, and a B.Sc. degree in business administration from Stockholm University. His research interests include V2X and wireless access networks. Dr Fallgren is the 5GCAR project coordinator.

Programmability, Virtualization, Automation and Slicing as Foundation of Next 5G Telco Networks

by professor Luis Miguel Contreras

Luis M. CONTRERAS earned a Telecom Engineer degree at the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (1997), and holds an M. Sc. on Telematics from the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (2010). Since August 2011 he is part of Telefónica I+D Telefónica Global CTO unit, working on SDN, virtualization, transport networks and their interaction with cloud and distributed services, as well as on interconnection topics. He is part-time lecturer at the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid. Before the position in Telefónica he worked in Alcatel Spain and Orange Spain. He is actively involved in research and innovation activities, with 40+ papers published in relevant journals, magazines and conferences, being regular speaker at reputed academic and industrial events. He has participated on the projects funded by the EU GEYSERS (FP7) and XIFI (FI-PPP), and the ESA funded project CloudSat. Currently he is working on the EU H2020 projects 5G-Crosshaul, 5Gex (where he leads the architectural work package) and 5G-Transformer. On the standardization arena, he is active contributor to IETF (authoring two RFCs), ETSI and ONF, where he organized and coordinated the first-ever proof-of-concept on the application of SDN to wireless transport networks, hold in October 2015 on 5TONIC premises.