4th Open Workshop on Elastic Networks
  ETSI de Telecomunicación de Valladolid. Campus Miguel Delibes. Aula 009
22/01/2018 DAY 1: Keynote Talks and Tutorials
14:00-14:15 Welcome - ETS de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación, aula 009 (near cafeteria)
14:15-15:15 LUNCH (self funded, 9 eur/pax): Cafetería Campus. Campus Miguel Delibes
15:30-15:35 Opening of the workshop: Ramón Durán-Ignacio de Miguel, UVa - David Larrabeiti, UC3M
15:35-16:30 Keynote speech: Red óptica desagregada
  Oscar González de Dios, Telefónica I+D
16:30-17:30 Tutorial (1/2): Aprendizaje automático supervisado: Fundamentos y validación
  Ignacio de Miguel (UVa)
17:30-18:00 Coffee Break
18:00-19:00 Tutorial (2/2): Aprendizaje automático supervisado: Modelos y selección de características
  Jose Alberto Hernández (UC3M)
19:00-20:00 Elastic Networks Technical Coordination Meeting (incl. videoconference)
21:30-23:30 SOCIAL DINNER (self funded: 30 eur/pax): Restaurante Parrilla Vino Tinto. C/ Campanas, 4. 47011. Valladolid (Al lado de la Plaza Mayor)
23/01/2018 DAY 2: Research works on Elastic Networking
09:30-11:00 Presentation of research papers (20 min/paper)
  A SVM Approach for Lightpath QoT Estimation in Optical Transport Networks
  Javier Mata, I. de Miguel, R.J. Durán, J.C. Aguado, N. Merayo, L. Ruiz, P. Fernández, R.M. Lorenzo, E.J. Abril
  Supporting SDN in High Speed Switching ASICs
  P. Reviriego (UAN)
  A Resource Identity Management Strategy for Combined Fog-to-Cloud Systems
  A.Gómez, X.Masip, E.Marín, S.Kahvazadeh, J.Garcia
  On the Splitting Algorithms for Efficient Resource Allocation in LTE-A Networks: Some Insights
  L. Tello-Oquendo, V. Casares Giner, V. Pla, J. Martinez
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-13:30 Presentation of research papers (20 min/paper)
  On the Need of Joint Bandwidth and NFV Resource Orchestration: A Realistic 5G Access Network Use Case
  J.-J. Pedreno-Manresa, P. S. Khodashenas, M. S. Siddiqui, P. Pavon-Marino
  Research Challenges for Multicast in Optical Networks
  D. Larrabeiti, J.A. Hernandez, G. Otero, J. Ruiz
  Comparing Different Types of Flexibility when Solving the RSA Problem in EONs
  L. Ruiz, I. González, R.J. Durán, I. de Miguel, N. Merayo, J.C. Aguado, P. Fernández, R.M. Lorenzo, E.J. Abril
  Space Continuity Constraint in Dynamic Flex-Grid/SDM Optical Core Networks:
An Evaluation with Spatial and Spectral Super-channels
  R. Rumipamba-Zambrano, F.-J. Moreno-Muro, J. Perelló, P. Pavón-Mariño, S. Spadaro
  SDN/NFV Orchestration for dynamic deployment of MVNO within Packet-Optical Aggregation Networks
  R. Martínez, R. Vilalta, R. Casellas and R. Muñoz
13:30-13:35 Closure of the workshop
13:35-14:30 LUNCH (self funded, 9 eur/pax): Cafetería Campus. Campus Miguel Delibes